5 Nutritional Science-Backed Health Benefits of Music

There are hundreds of studies that prove that listening to music can have numerous advantages. Have you ever thought of music as being beneficial to eating healthy and more nutritious? Daily listening to the right music at the right time can increase your good dietary habits and reduce your bad nutritional habits.

Here are 5 nutritional science backed health benefits of music:

1. Stress Reduction

You might ask what has stress to do with nutritional health and music. It is quite easy. Reducing your stress levels help to curb food cravings and help you to choose more healthy food. With the right tune playing you can even maintain good eating patterns. For example when that urging craving hits you listen to a song you like. It will help you to resist the craving as your brain releases dopamine (the pleasure hormone), make you calm and allow you not to give in to the craving. Your brain will make the association with not giving in to the craving as “pleasurable” and it will become easier to resist it the next time.

2. Slower Music, Slower Eating, Eating Less

It takes our brain between 20 to 30 minutes to get the message that we had enough to eat. This is true regardless if you rush down a meal in seconds or eat at a slow pace, from there the claim that if you eat slowly you will eat less. Some people have a hard time to eat slowly. By listening to slow calming music before and during a meal will help you to adapt to the rhythm of the music and therefore eat slower and ultimately allow your brain to tell you that you have eaten enough, and therefore eat less.visit http://www.mccabesband.com/music-can-be-medicine-for-your-mind/ to read more information about medical properties of music.

3. Increased Blood Vessel Performance

Scientific studies showed that while listening to calming music there is a positive effect on the performance of their blood vessels which increase blood flowand increase the availability of oxygen to various organs. This causes people to be more relaxed, happier, and ultimately healthier.

5 Nutritional Science-Backed Health Benefits of Music

4. Loud Music Equals Bad Tasting Food

While listening to loud music your food does not tastes as good as it would while listening to soft calming music. Your brain associate loud music with activities that does not include food and therefore, loud music will cause food to be less tasty. So what are you to do? You can use it to your benefit. Put on some loud calming music to help you curb that nasty craving for unhealthy food and channel your thoughts to some healthier and nutritional options.

5. Better Moods and Dining With Music

Other studies have shown that with the right music you can enjoy a better dining experience. You might ask what this has got to do with being healthy. It is actually very simple. If you are not really looking forward to your brown rice, steamed broccoli, and fish dish, music can help to boost your enthusiasm. Put on music that has a calming effect on your mood and help to teach your brain that the plate before you are actually not that bad as it seems at first. This happens because your brain makes a pleasant association with the music and all that you visualize along with it. The importance is to remind your brain that it is not as bad as it looks and focus on the pleasantness of the sounds surrounding you.