Music can be medicine for your mind

Music can be medicine for your mind

Eating clean and unprocessed food is a key way of staying healthy. However, not as many people realise that combining good quality wholesome food along with music is an ideal way to stay in optimal health.

We all know that music can put you in a good mood.


Like when you’re driving in your car when the sun is shining and a feel-good song comes on the radio, or when you’re out with your friends in a bar and the pumping track you all love gets played by the DJ.


However, beyond these moments of unexpected joy, scientists have discovered that music can actually have powerful, restorative effects on the mind and body. read more information about Science-Backed Health Benefits of Music here.


Lowered Depression


Stanford University released reports of a study that found that showed a 25% reduction in overall stress and depression, among test subjects who were played soothing classical music for an extended period of time.


With that in mind, here’s a good way to lower that stress during the day – make yourself a delicious and hearty chicken breast salad mixed full of leafy greens, tomatoes, cucumbers and good quality fat rich avocado. Try a detox tea for weight loss whilst listening to some Ludivico Einaudi on your iPod whilst on lunch at work.


Music can be medicine for your mind

Improved Lung Capacity

Research revealed by Professor Graham Welch from the University of London shows that those who sing along to music actually improve their overall lung function. This means that the body and brain can get more oxygen, leading to an improved and healthier lifestyle. With that information, why not sing along to your favourite album in the kitchen whilst preparing a hearty and healthy meal of wholemeal spaghetti, with fresh vegetables and lean beef mince, for a great evening boost.

Music can help you sleep

Certain music is known to lower your brainwaves so that it becomes far easier to sleep in the evening. A famous example of this is Marconi Union: Weightless – which has been proven to alter your brain waves and slow your heart rate – and has been used by millions to help combat insomnia. If you’re getting ready to wind down after a long day, why not try sitting on your bed and listening to Weightless or something similar, whilst drinking a soothing cup of hot water with fresh lemon, which can simultaneously help clear your digestive system. Chances are you’ll sleep like a baby.

It improves workout performance

Research from studies has shown that those who work out to adrenaline-pumping music perform better during gruelling training sessions such as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and are able to go for longer before needing to recover. Exercising is known for being incredibly beneficial for mental health too, due to the feel-good chemicals it releases in the brain, so here it goes hand-in-hand with music for that extra boost. A good idea is to have a fantastic workout session to some powerful music that makes you feel like you can conquer the world, followed by a healthy meal of good protein and good fat – like salmon with asparagus and a poached egg – which will help your muscles recover faster. Make sure that you eat within 45 minutes of your workout for maximum body and mind benefits.