Effective Tips On How You Can Stay Healthy With A Nutrition Rich Diet And Music

It doesn’t matter where you live, music can be understood worldwide. It doesn’t matter where you live, it is necessary to have good nutrition in order to be healthy. The basics are important for both music and nutrition.

These days, people have huge loads to carry all day and all night. Be it work pressure at office or pressure of studies, everything makes life a race in which we don’t get the space to cherish the happy moments of life. Stress, depression, frustration leave us nowhere. Everybody needs to flush them out of life for better health and good lifestyle. Scientists has discovered that music therapy and laughter therapy can effectively work to offer relief from the three diseases mentioned above. In fact it can also heal several mental disorders and other diseases.

The therapeutic effect of music can release stress and calm your agitated mind. Hence, it is considered to have anti-anxiety properties. When life is disturbed due to different negative situations, just plug in your head phone into a device that plays music and listen to your favorite song, you would be taken away to a blissful state far away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. This therapeutic power is used by doctors in terms of music therapy to help different kinds of ailments starting from autism and problems of depression to Alzheimer’s disorder and even heart problems.

On the other hand nutritious diet is a well-balanced diet that has all the ingredients necessary for maintaining a healthy body. Consumers today are misled with advertisements that promote processed foods and beverages which are falsely considered to be healthy. A home cooked simple meal will be packed with nutrition than the packaged foods. Nutrition tips include the importance of eating a well-balanced diet. Eat balanced diet that is rich in vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, proteins, fruits, vegetables and less percentage of fat. Here are a few nutrition tips to stay healthy.

Effective Tips On How You Can Stay Healthy With A Nutrition Rich Diet And Music


The body needs proteins because they are the building blocks of the body. Without proteins, your muscles, blood, hair, nails, will not develop properly. The prescribed daily intake is 12- 15 %. Sources of proteins are meat, dairy products, eggs, fish, and legumes.


The major sources of energy which you need are carbohydrates. That is why you need 50-60 % of your total calories as related to your body weight. Sources for carbohydrates are starch, bread, potatoes, pasta, sugar and many more.

The daily requirements for the body are also dependent upon your body weight, so if you eat more than you should the excess foodstuff will already be deposited as fats. This causes obesity and overweight.


You also need fats. Fats act as thermal insulators, the secondary source of energy, and as important components of hormones. Daily needed intake of fats is 20 to 30 % of your total calorie daily intake. Sources are meat fat, fish oils, vegetable oils, and dairy products. If you do not exercise and burn the extra fats you take in, then they will be converted to triglycerides and stored in your adipose tissues as fats.

Fruits and Vegetables.

Increase the portion of fruits and vegetables that you eat regularly in your daily diet. Visit the grocery store at least once or twice in a week and buy fresh vegetables and fruits. Opt for nutritious and healthy snacks that are nourishing instead of eating stomach full of sugar laden treats that have no nutrition in them. If you find junk food items and fried foods in the supermarket shelves, leave them there. Once, you start practicing not buying them the eating would stop, consequently.

In addition to living healthy by eating healthy and music, some other tips for healthy living include getting plenty of physical exercise, absorbing natural sunlight, and getting adequate sleep. Physical exercise helps decrease problems with insulin resistance. Natural sunlight helps the body produce its own vitamin D. Adequate sleep allows cells to reproduce and rejuvenate themselves so that every organ in your body can reap the benefits. The more we eat well and live healthy, our bodies will speak back to us with the positive response of health and longevity.